About Me


I develop web and desktop applications, with a strong background in .NET/.NET Core framework. I have a passion in building software products that are user-friendly while maintaining high code quality.

In my current job, I use Sitefinity and .NET MVC to build websites for clients to suit their needs. Before transitioning to becoming a software developer, I was an administration officer and a researcher. The multi-industry experience has definitely helped me to see more.

I believe software development is a fast-paced and endless journey, and it is the motivation that continues to push me to constantly strengthen and widen my skills.


The list of main skills that helps me to do my job includes the following:

C#.NET CoreSitefinityJavaScriptVueGitDocker

C# and .NET Core have been the foundation and the combination is versatile enough to adapt to different situation. It lays the foundation for me to build RESTful services, desktop applications, web applications, and even content management system (Sitefinity).

JavaScript, on the other hand, has helped me to create front-end or the UI component of a complete web application, both as the "View" in a ASP.NET MVC architecture and a Vue single page application.

Git is my favourite tool to manage my source code, keep track of code version, and collaborate with others. Using Git, I store my source code in Github that allows me to access my work everywhere.

Deployment gets really easy with Docker. More oftern than not, I pack my compiled files into a Docker image that can be downloaded and run on various platforms easily. It helps me to set up a continuous integration and continuous deployment workflow to speed up processes.

Work Experiences

Websparks Pte Ltd

.NET Developer

July 2019 - Present

  • Developing and maintaining websites for agencies including Ministry of Finance (MOF), Auditor-General's Office (AGO), and Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS).

Curtin Singapore

Quality and Compliance Officer

October 2016 - April 2019

  • Main duties include internal audit, document control, feedback, and survey management.

  • Developed Windows desktop applications with .NET with ASP.NET Core backend services to improve company document control and feedback systems.

Nanyang Technological University

Project Officer

September 2013 - April 2016

  • Built an adsorption cooling system to study its heat and mass transfer performance.

  • Developed multi-threaded simulation program using C# for heat and mass transfer mathematical model for adsorption cooling system.


Nanyang Technological University

Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering)

2009 - 2013

Second Class (Upper) Honours


Certified ScrumMaster©

Scrum Alliance